About Kaftan Dreams

A luxurious collection of silk Kaftans with exclusive prints inspired by the colours of the Orient.

Kaftan dreams are delighted to bring you our first bespoke collection.

Combining traditional fabrics and craftsmanship with modern cuts and a fresh mentality to offer a feminine silhouette, at once sensual and regal. silk kaftan

The concept for Kaftan Dreams is born of the desire to reinvent the Kaftan.

Rather than dictating the cuts and fabric combinations, we offer you the chance to select the house-designed silk prints you love most in a wide variety of cuts, creating a naturally elegant outfit that will carry you through each day.

We work with many groups of artisans to offer traditional techniques of weaving, embroidery and prints that are exclusive to Kaftan dreams. All creations are ethically constructed, with the respect of the our collaborative artisans a key priority.

Adorned with details to inspire you to create, relax, come alive, and live your best life, Kaftan Dreams is a tailor-made voyage for the woman following her path to become her best self, the conviction that…

“A woman that dresses for herself embodies a natural confidence that filters through to her actions, her emotions and every aspect of her life”

caftan dress
printed kaftan dress

Meet the designer

Growing up in Morocco before pursuing a career of fashion in Paris, I have always had a love for beautiful, colourful and unique clothing and accessories.

This love eventually evolved into a business idea in the same industry, when I stepped out in faith in creating Kaftan Dreams…

Crediting my family for my passion of entrepreneurship, now I share my passion with my family – my four children are  at the epicentre of my inspiration!

My desire is to create a haven of beautiful creations, vibrant colours, luxurious fabrics – all with my own unique prints.

Let me offer you an unique piece for your wardrobe, something to reflect the woman you are, so you can embrace the powerful femininity that defines you…


silk kaftan

“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish”

Michelle Obama confidently stated; and that is something I remind myself everyday. Yet it is easier, in the fashion industry to feel this way; on the surface, more than in many other industries, women are championed and celebrated.

My career in fashion has spanned three decades. Previously being lucky enough to work for Giorgio Armani, France, when I was pregnant with my second, I was promoted to Retail Manager. In a company primarily managed and run by men, it was difficult at times, but I was proud to be recognised for my work. After stepping back for 12 years to raise my four children, my fashion background was calling me… and I was determined to step back in! Kaftan Dreams was born – and now I manage my beautiful family, and my own creative, colourful business that is all about dressing colourful, strong women!

My girls have been raised with a spirit of freedom. As a mother of two daughters, and two sons, all of my children have been raised to see their opportunities as equal to that of their siblings, and there’s nothing more I aspire to for my children than for them to step out into the world as adults and chase their dreams.

At Kaftan Dreams, we support women at work. We support ethical working conditions, small communities, and equal pay for the women flying underneath the radar. Our team of ten in India are made up of both men and women, but many of the skills in creating our beautiful kaftans belong to the women.

Although this industry is making changes at a consistent speed, I still believe “There are still many causes worth sacrificing for, so much history yet to be made.” Michelle Obama